Part 2 - Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God

There are some really good insights in chapter two, "The Greatness of Prayer!"  In it, the author examines Paul's prayers.  He notes that in all of Paul's writings, his prayers for his friends don't contain any pleas to God for Him to change their circumstances - even though they were living with hardships and living in a dangerous time filled with "persecution, death from disease, oppression by powerful forces, and separation from loved ones..."  In contrast, our prayers today usually put our desire and petitions for God to deliver us from something at the top of the list!  


The difference is that Paul prayed for his friends to know God better.  Wow!  That's a whole different perspective that we should take note of.  Not that there is anything wrong with praying for deliverance or a change in circumstances, but when your prayers are focused on knowing God better, it changes everything!  Mostly you! You develop a sense of the reality of God's presence and who you are on the inside changes.  And when you change on the inside, what you do and say on the outside changes.  


In other words, when you grow your inner life with God, you don't see prayer as a means to get things from God, but rather, a means to get more of God.  When knowing God becomes your priority, your circumstances don't change who you are on the inside.  In fact, the opposite occurs - knowing God prepares you to face any circumstance.  And this will give you peace.  Amen!


I totally recommend this book!